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Dean Moniz: Manuscripts of Sounds and Rhythms
September 2017 through November 11th, 2017


Rita Alvarez:  
"Intimacy with Nature"
July 2017 - August 2017

Contact artist at
Instagram:  @rita_alvarez_art

Three pieces from Rita Alvarez:  "Intimacy with Nature"

Esteban Villa

December 2009 through January 2010

Two pieces by Esteban Villa for the Chili Christmas exhibit.

Juan Carrillo

January 2009 through February 2009

Two pieces from Juan Carrillo's exhibit "Out of the Drawing Book"  January-February 2009.

Armando Cid

October 2002 through November 2002

Armando R. Cid is a multi- talented multi-disiplinary artist. He is best known for his paper mache figures depicting Dia de lost Muertos/Day of the Dead themes. But he is a master print maker by training and education. He is just as comfortable working in oils, with acrylics or water colors. In his current exhibit at Luna's Cafe he actually combines media in a couple of his pieces. As a member of the Royal Chicano Air Force he designed and executed numerous murals.

Cid trained at Pasadena College of Art and Design, and received his Masters of Art in Printmaking at Sacramento State University, Sacramento. He has taught at CSUS, Los Rios Community Colleges, and at Community Art Centers through out California. Currently he serves as the Artist Facilitator for California State Prison at Solano.

Alex Escalante

August 2002 through September 2002

Alex Escalante has done art since he could grab a crayon. Paper wasn't a necessity, but with pen, pencil or paint in hand, the world was his canvas. Thankfully, his mom was understanding. And busy. She was quite involved in the Chicano movement as Alex was growing up, providing him with his early themes of classic Chicano imagery. At age seven his mother enrolled him in Corky Gonzalez's CRUSADE FOR JUSTICE in Denver, Colorado.

Alex is self taught, but credits Benny Barrios with furthering his skills. Alex also acknowledges The Royal Chicano Air Force, a local artist's collective, with encouraging him to push his artistic abilities to a higher level. Inspired by his mom's tireless efforts, and noticing women playing a prominent role in family and community matters, over time the themes of Alex's work evolved into strong images of women. His exhibit here at Luna's Cafe, IMAGENES DE CALIFAZTLAN, is the culmination of years of studying the feminine form. It is interesting to note most of the models are family members. The exhibit will be up until the end of September, so come in and see the rest of his work.

Frankie Hansbearry

June 2002 through July 2002

Human beings seem to display different personas at times. In a given situation, we can become childlike and whimsical, or show a frightening side when angry. I identify with each of the characters on exhibit who personify and take on my changing moods.

When inspired by upbeat music, sometimes I become a galloping colt, kicking up my heels. Doing massage work has helped me appreciate the healing power of our hands as shown in "Healing Hands." In "Jacobs Ladder," I become the young man, with many hopes and aspirations, climbing each step rung by rung. And who hasn't felt like the devil at times? Well, maybe I can only speak for myself...

Part of an artist's job is to make observations of the world around us as well as ourselves and others. My attempt to recreate human nature takes form in this show with work made from papier mache and mixed media. I hope you enjoy.
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