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Beyond the Proscenium
Beyond the Proscenium Productions, a non-profit theatre company, was founded in 1994 by director, visual and performing artist, Ann Tracy. Her vision was to create a company to expand the traditional theatre experience by presenting works that challenged the imagination and boundaries of both artists and audiences. Since the inception of the company, BPP has only produced Sacramento-area premieres, original works, and experimental theatrical and performance works. Productions, as well as community outreach events, have been well received by artists and audiences seeking to broaden their experience of theatre and performance.

Caron Vikre
Heavy tea drinker Caron Vikre performs at Luna's Cafe every first Saturday of the month. Born and based in Sacramento, this musician is influenced by the likes of the Beatles, the Kinks, and Bob Dylan.

David Houston
A frequent player at Luna's, David Houston has 5 current CDs out, "The Wendy Tapes," "Songs From Winter," "The New Old CD," "Heart With Tears" and "No Bongos Tonight."

Aaron Ross
Aaron Ross's style is refreshing, a nice change from the rants and raves of corporate rock gods or the boring pop ballads of pre-pubescent songsters that the radio and television deliver us. As he sings and plays; you come to a realization... it is what he was born to do.

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Color of the Rainbow
Global Family Festival celebrates the many multiracial people and families living in the Sacramento region. The festival also celebrates the Sacramento community-at-large that provides the supportive environment for all of us to thrive. "Growing up in Sacramento in the 60's and 70's I learned a lot about tolerance and equality having friends and neighbors of all races. The Festival is an opportunity to say thank you to Sacramento and all of its residents who help create a supportive environment for the many multiracial people and families who live here including my own." ~ Kristin Faust, Founder

NorCal Noise Fest
Just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, for some the same is true for music. To some ears, noise is music, and when the city is busy jack-hammering in front of their apartments, they aren't complaining, they're running for their tape recorders. The Northern California Experimental Festival originally grew out of the summer-long Sacramento Experimental Music Series, and features the best in locally, nationally and internationally recognized "noise musicians."

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